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July 1, 2012
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  The pointless world meeting had finally ended and everyone was starting to file out of the room. I come up behind England's chair to ask him a question.

  "E-er... Hello, England," I started, trying to get the British country's attention, "It's my birthday today... Did you know?"

  "Did you hear something, Mr. Unicorn?" he asked what seemed to be the air. He left, conversing with his imaginary friends, before I could say anything else. That left me in the meeting room with only a few other countries. I sighed. This was the norm for me. No one notices me, maybe because my older brother is America... Well, there was one person...

  "Mattieeeeee~" sang (Name), the personification of (Country), and the only one who notices me besides Alfred and Francis. She starts running to me from the other side of the meeting room, beautiful (h/c) hair flying out behind her. I had just gotten that thought through my head when she tackle hugged me. Luckily, I could still stand.

  "Happy birthday, Mattie!" she chirped, smiling happily, "Or should I say happy Canada Day?" I blushed because – I'll admit – I had a bit of a crush on her.

  "O-oh. Merci, (Name)," I say, hugging her back.

  "Let's go out today!" she said, letting go of me, but holding onto my hands.

  "G-go out?" I question, blushing as red as my hoodie. Calling me surprised was an understatement.

  "Well, yeah," (Name) smiled, "It is your birthday after all. We can do anything you want to do." <srike>No. Not that. I can't write lemons. I would die from embarrassment.</strike>

  "Anything I want to do..." I ponder that for a second. Rarely anyone asks me what I want to do. Finally, I decide and say, "Let's go to that pancake place down the street."


  "Hello, my name is Steve ((I wonder who that is. XD)) and I'll be your server today. What would you like, miss?" the waiter asks (Name), winking at her. I felt my blood boil.

  "Hmm... I'd like the (Insert order here because I'm not creative :P)," she says, completely ignoring him. After a while of them just staring at each other, both of them seemed to be expecting something.

  "I'll have the same as her," I muttered. The waiter jolts as if he just found out I was there. Oh, wait, he did.

  "O-of course," he says, scribbling something down on his notepad, "Er, will that be all?"

  "Yes, it will," said (Name), her mouth set in a straight line, obviously upset that the guy didn't see me at first. The waiter scurries away, blushing, while I glare a hole into his back.


  "So, where do you want to go now?" (Name) asked. She and I were walking along the sidewalk, just talking about everything and nothing.

  "Hmm..." I think for a moment, "How about... we go... to the park? I want to show you something." With a rush of bravery, I take her hand and lead her to our destination.

  After a few minutes of walking along a hidden path that my feet know so well, I find the place I'm looking for; the wishing fountain I come to when I have to think. It was ancient and made of stone, absolutely nothing like those fancy, expensive ones at hotels that you see these days. It had ivy vines crawling all over it and a single cupid at the top, sitting and playing a stone harp. In short, it was beautiful, but simple.

  "Oh, wow, Mattie," (Name) breathes, "It's so pretty. It feels magical." I smile and watch her walk up to it.

  "I used to come here and make wishes all the time," I say, coming up next to her.

  "What happened?" (Name) asked.


  "You said you used to come here. What happened to make you stop?"

  "Er... I still do. I was just saying that because I thought the moment called for it. It was like we were in some cheesy romance fanfiction written by some girl with no life," I said, scratching the back of my head.

  "Ah, that makes sense. I feel like that a lot, actually," (Name) said. Then she mumbles something else under her breath while staring at her shoes.

  "What was that, (Name)?" I asked. She looked up at me and I became even more confused when she turned a bright red.

  "E-er... Nothing, Mattie!" (Name) said, tensing up and turning her head away.

  "Erm... Okay," I say. I didn't want to make (Name) feel uncomfortable.

  "IsaidIfeellikeI'minacheesyromancefanfictionwheneverI'mwithyou," (Name) shouted, mushing her words together.

  "E-eh? Could you repeat that, please? And slower?" She took a deep breath, blushed a whole new shade of red, and mumbled, just loud enough for me to hear;

  "I said; I feel like I'm in a cheesy romance fanfiction... whenever I'm with you," (Name) repeated slowly. It took a second for me to process it. Then, I pulled her in for a kiss.

  "Je t'aime," I mumbled in between the kiss. When we pulled away for air, I searched (Name's) face for any sign of... well, anything. All I saw was red, but I was probably as red as her, as of right now. A thick, awkward silence followed, and (Name) was the first to break it.

  "I don't know why I'm surprised," she said, laughing, "After all, you are part French." I laugh along with her. The whole time I'm thinking, if this were one of those cheesy doujins that Japan and Hungary read, this moment would be the last page, where your point of view would be floating upward and the couple gets smaller and smaller. But, this isn't a doujin and the aforementioned girl with no life wants to ruin the moment. So, of course, (Name's) phone rings and she picks it up.

  "Helooo~? ... Oh, hey America! What are you doing? ......" then she hangs up the phone, red tinting her cheeks.

  "What did he say?" I asked her, curious.

  "Eheheh," she scratches her neck, laughing nervously, "I asked what he was doing and he said he was cock-blocking you." I just sigh, typical America. (Name) laughs and hugs me.

  "I love you," she says, pressing her forehead to mine, "and happy birthday, Matthew."
Hey bros! Twisted, here. This is a little short fic that I whipped up in a few minutes. It actually took me a few days because of my disorder: Chronic Procrastination. Not really a disorder And I was debating whether to post this now, or when I wake up. I went with now. I got nothing better to do. XP I don't think I'll be making one for Alfred becuase of my aforementioned "disorder" and I won't get it done until after his birthday. :P So...

Personified countries, Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Art: I don't know, sadly. ^^; I found it here: [link]
You: Canada, for today. But this is going to be on the internet, so whenever you read this, you will belong to Canada. ^^
Story: Me!
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xTwisted-Minds Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
what who's matthew perry (sorry i'm uncultured af)
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He's mostly known for acting in friends, a t.v series as Chandler Bing.
xTwisted-Minds Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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